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The Kitchen setting is constantly evolving, both culturally and technically. Bauplan strives to bring to life these transformations searching for solutions that will prove original both technically and typologically.

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Design: milanodesignlab

This kitchen’s theme is the combination of natural materials. Stone for the isle worktop - in this example we’re using the Grey stone, characterised by a soft grey showing a pure white vein, with a brushed and waxed finish.
Pursuing a combination that is both chromatic and material, the grey stone block is placed next to a continuous tall unit block whose sandblasted natural oak doors show an almost rough and knotty look. Within, there are worktops, shelves and baskets.
For the isle’s floor unit doors, we have selected a slate anthracite satin laminate to convey an overall monochromatic effect.
In this block, we have integrated a sink made of the same stone, as well as a built-in cooktop with flush racks, which make for a perfectly seamless work surface.
A hidden cooker hood can be pulled out of the top.
The removal of unnecessary decorative elements and the use of natural materials only, all with an essential finish to bring out their beauty, and the highly professional equipment, make this a functional and efficient kitchen, while emphasizing its aesthetic and material aspects. Integrating it in a location where many antique elements, a wood truss, as well as granite pilasters, are in view, is a convincing example of diverse materials being juxtaposed, pulling existing and innovation together.