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The Kitchen setting is constantly evolving, both culturally and technically. Bauplan strives to bring to life these transformations searching for solutions that will prove original both technically and typologically.

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Hidden away in the Apulian countryside, in a recently renovated villa, Bauplan’s quasi professional kitchen matches the project’s philosophy: an array of skillfully arranged spaces enhancing the dialogue between inside and outside, darkness and light, what’s enclosed and what’s open, thus giving the house its unique identity.
The location’s size allow for two isles to be placed in front of the glass wall facing outside. A tall table with an oak solid wood top and tubular steel legs rests near one of the isles. The two isles, the worktops, the cabinet doors and the cooker hood are entirely made of steel, which is by far the prevailing material in this kitchen. By contrast, a long floor unit hanging below a ribbon window is pure-white, as are the tall units on the wall opposite, which feature an oven and a fridge. These units, placed at right angle beside the two isles, act as a functional and aesthetic conclusion.
The floor units’ tops are made of white Corian, and show two undermount steel sinks.


In the heart of Neoclassical Milan, a number of suites have been obtained within an XVIII century palace. Bauplan’s Opening kitchens as well as all other Bauplan cupboards (closets?) fit in discreetly and tastefully with the opulent décor, the exotic atmosphere and the evocative accessories which were chosen to furnish these precious spaces.
Besides art direction, our work encompassed refining all details, including technical ones, and selecting finishes.
Open-pore oak wood, bronze door handles, high-performance cabinet fittings have all been conceived to best adapt to the atmosphere and the high tone of this context.