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The Kitchen setting is constantly evolving, both culturally and technically. Bauplan strives to bring to life these transformations searching for solutions that will prove original both technically and typologically.

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OPENING: “Kitchen in a box”

Design: milanodesignlab

As old industrial buildings are converted into residences, new housing solutions have become more and more common. Lofts, open spaces, studios, double-height ceilings are all widely accepted and appreciated as part of the modern concept of living space.
Furniture has followed along with the deconstruction of the traditional middle-class abode. With “Opening”, a small typological revolution takes place in the kitchen.
It is a big polyfunctional appliance, almost a treasure chest, a box which opens up revealing two symmetrical blocks: one of these accommodates all electric appliances, a 40x40cm sink, a 4-hob cooktop (electric or gas), a multi-function oven, a dishwasher and a fridge.
The other one contains all tableware and kitchenware, plus a pull-out table measuring up to 170 cm.

When the 180x66+70x93cm block opens up, a full kitchen appears.
In the rotating element you’ll have all crockery on hand, while by simply lifting the steel top of the working block, you’ll be able to start cooking. The good quality of the technical equipment is sure to satisfy the everyday cooking needs of all users, including caterers.