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The Kitchen setting is constantly evolving, both culturally and technically. Bauplan strives to bring to life these transformations searching for solutions that will prove original both technically and typologically.

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In Milan, the beautiful garden courtyard within Palazzo Saporiti on Corso Venezia, 40, hosts the new Bauplan showroom, opened in June 2015.
There, architects, design specialists and customers can view and appreciate some of the most recent models, and receive all information regarding technical details, materials and accessories used.
Our approach is usually aimed at characterising kitchen projects according to shared principles and guidelines. With these in mind, we work to fulfill the needs arising from novel living situations, and from our customers’ consolidated lifestyles likewise.
Project skills and competence by the Bauplan staff are key in giving a functional contribution to this “interpretation”, always in an innovative and resolving manner.
Emerging trends, which are obviously never clear-cut and all-inclusive, encompass diverse approaches and needs which we are happy to satisfy and develop, in our quest for the best solution.

Corso Venezia, 40 - 20121 Milano
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