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The Kitchen setting is constantly evolving, both culturally and technically. Bauplan strives to bring to life these transformations searching for solutions that will prove original both technically and typologically.

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Over the last few years, the bathroom has undergone a great transformation within the house. The space devoted to personal care is no longer the chilly Cinderella of the house, but rather a room on a par with the living quarters.
This evolution meant increased relax, dimensions and aestethics. The choice is virtually unlimited for bathroom fixtures, faucets, covering materials, furnishing and storage elements, and accessories. In attition to all this, Bauplan’s offering includes customised planning.
In Stone, a model which can be viewed in our Milan showroom, Ceppo Lombardo, a local stone, is an overwhelming presence. Carving it in a rigorous and straight manner, we have manufactured a large top which holds and contains the sinks. The same linearity is also impressed on the drawers, placed right below the counter, and on the mirror, which screens the light positioned above and below.
A soft and rounded shape bathtub, made of acrylic material, represents a pleasant counterpoint.